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About Us

About us

JBR conference group is an open resource platform that conducts different global events such as Workshops, International Conferences, Trade Shows, Symposia, Exhibitions, education events, science shows, educational and Science Congresses in all the major scientific disciplines, including Clinical, Medical, Dentistry, molecular biology, Biochemistry, pharmaceutical, Alternative Healthcare, Diabetes, Endocrinology, Healthcare Management, Infectious Diseases, Medical Ethics & Health Policies, Neuroscience, Obesity, Ophthalmology, Pathology, Physical Therapy Rehabilitation, Radiology, Surgery, Cardiology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Hematology, Immunology, Medical, Pulmonology,

Other Categories

Microbiology, Genetics & Molecular Biology, Nephrology, Nursing, Oncology & Cancer, Palliativecare, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharma and drug Marketing , Reproductive Medicine, Women Healthcare, Virus, Vaccines, Veterinary, Nanotechnology, Nutrition, Agriculture, Food , Aqua, Business & Management, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Earth science, Materials Science, Petroleum, Chemical Engineering, Engineering , Physics, Toxicology across America, Asia Pacific, Europe, The Middle East, and south Africa. It is reaching more than one million scientists, clinician, researchers, scholars, students, professionals and corporate bodies all over the World. Our keynote speakers, Speakers, panel experts, organizing committee members and conference participants expand worldwide visibility and recognition by publishing papers , posters, videos and spoken words in our open platform and Journals (publish papers free of charge).

More about us

It is reaching more than one million scientists, clinician, researchers, scholars, students, professionals and corporate bodies all over the World. Our keynote speakers, Speakers, panel experts, organizing committee members and conference participants expand worldwide visibility and recognition by publishing papers , posters, videos and spoken words in our open platform and Journals for free.

About JBR Society

JBR Society ( Regd in 2009) is nonprofits society. It offers the opportunity for researchers , scientists, professionals and their collaborators to network with new and established researchers of many disciplines engaged in different disciplines education, science, health & technology research and development. It consists of different group of scientists from different part of world (40% from USA, 40% from European countries and south America, 20% from rest of worlds). JBR groups have more than 1000 publications and more than 50 patents (together). JBR groups are organizing conferences , workshops and CE , CDE or CME. JBR groups signed MOU with more than 10 universities worldwide, companies, research groups and nonprofit organizations. JBR groups have more than 68 projects (with top research groups) related to health care, space medicine, new drugs@ technology and smart technology . JBR groups are publishing more than 1000 journals.

JBR Organization Members

JBR Health Education and Research Organization
CEO and President: Prof. (Dr). B. Rai
CTO and Chief: Dr. J. Kaur
COO and Vice President: Dr. H. Singh
Directors: Prof. Marc Watt, Prof. Peter Jensen, Er. Charles Lewis, DR. Kirk Horlbeck
Patron: Prof. S.C. Anand

JBR Group Leaders:
1. Dr. Tiehua Zhang, JBR Food and Nutrition, USA
2. Prof. Mohamed Khalifa, JBR Food Packaging, Egypt
3. Prof. Margarida Cortez, JBR Food and food packaging, Mexico
4. Prof. Michael Ferreira, JBR Food and Beverages, USA
5. Dr. Byoung Jeong, JBR Agriculture, Korea
6. Prof. Alvin Lanne, JBR Agriculture, USA
7. Dr. Huarong Wu, JBR Food and Labeling, UK
8. Dr. N. Amin, JBR Horticulture and Fishery , Spain
9. Er. Alexander Sarka, JBR Food Safety and Standards, UK and Czech Republic
10.Prof. D.Newell, JBR Microbiology, Canada
11.Dr. H Phillip, JBR Alternative Medicine, Austria
12.Dr. H. Singh , JBR Herbal and Alternative Medicine, India
13.Dr. Karen Ford, JBR Traditional Medicine, Australia
14.Prof. Wu Zhou, JBR Chinese Medicine, China
15.Dr. R.C. Pompei, JBR Natural Medicine, Italy
16.Prof. Robert Shieft, JBR Molecular Biology and Medicine, France
17.Dr. Jong Choi, JBR Metabolomics, Netherlands
18.Dr. Paul Wood, JBR Biochemistry and Structural Biology, Luxemburg
19.Dr. Alexvier Gulyaeva, JBR Transcriptomics, Russia
20.Prof. John F,JBR Proteomics, Germany
21.Dr. Frederic, JBR Genomics, Romania
22.Prof. H.O.Griefa, JBR Protein and Lipid, Ireland
23.Dr. Alexander, JBR Bioinformatics, Sweden
24.Prof. Srdjan Djurovic, JBR Lipid Science and Technology, Norway
25.Prof. Louis Fontain, JBR Cardiology, USA
26.Prof. Erosa Elgebaly, JBR Heart Diseases, New Zealand
27.Prof. Sara Badia, JBR Hypertension, Spain
28.Er. Michael Leung, JBR Biofuels and Bioenergy, Slovenia
29.Prof. Janusz Kozinski, JBR Chemical Engineering, Poland
30.Dr. Joseph L. Smith, JBR Polymers, Singapore
31.Dr. David Lewis, JBR Bioenergy and Bioeconomy, Brazil
32.Dr. Peter Jensen, JBR Internal Medicine, Denmark
33.Prof. Per Jensen, JBR Nuclear Physics, Switzerland
34.Prof. (Er.) Jean M Cayuela, JBR Clinical and Pharmacology Chemistry, Malaysia
35.Prof. Louis H Kauffman, JBR Clinical chemistry, Hungary
36.Prof. Hongjiang Chen, JBR Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Slovakia
37.Prof. Hiroaki Maeda, JBR Analytical & Bioanalytical Chromatographic Techniques, USA
38.Prof. R.K.Singhal, JBR Clinical Dentistry,India
39.Dr. R. Anand, JBR Dental Research, India
40.Prof. Deniel, JBR Oral Science, USA
41.Prof. Craig S, JBR Oro-dental Science and Technology, USA
42.Prof. Reza L. Ghohestani, JBR Dermatology, USA
43.Prof. Martin Lall, JBR Skin and Sex Diseases, Canada
44.Prof. Jin Kang, JBR Diabetic, Argentina and USA
45.Dr. Carrinn Bloom, JBR Endocrinology, Finland
46.Prof. S Zhuiykov, JBR Fuel Cell Technology, Ukraine
47.Prof. Takashi Iammoto, JBR Smart technology, USA
48.Dr. Li Gao, JBR Grid Technologies, Indonesia
49.Prof. Dayeseul Lim, JBR Medical Biology and Bioengineering, Bosnia and Herzegovina
50.Prof. Maria D. Kersanach, JBR Computer Science and Technology, USA and Austria
51.Prof. Abdennour Rhalibi, JBR Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Israel
52.Prof. James Woodward, JBR Aerospace Engineering, Italy
53.Dr. Mikhail Moshkov, JBR Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Bulgaria
54.Prof. Arturo P. Godínez, JBR Ecology, Hong Kong
55.Scientist W. Sokeland, JBR Global Warming, France
56.Dr. Larry Stevens, JBR Green Energy, USA
57.Dr. R.L. Rivard, JBR Gastroenterology, Canada
58.Prof. W. Mukwela, JBR Metabolic Disorders , Japan
59.Prof. Igor Katkov, JBR Stem cell, UK
60.Prof. Shian Tay, JBR Regenerative Medicine, UAE
61.Prof. Robert Wassman, JBR Biotechnology and Human Genetics, Croatia
62.Dr M.C. Vieira, JBR Marine Biology, South Korea
63.Dr Ifla Birgen, JBR Telemedicine, Turkey
64.Prof. W.R. Scheffler, JBR Occupational Health, Poland
65.Dr. Jr.Hilary, JBR Nursing, Sweden
66.Prof. Robert L Becker, JBR Health Care and Hospital Management, Canada
67.Prof. Ellen Wahoush,, JBR Sports Medicine, Australia
68.Dr. Gilberto Filaci, JBR Immunology, Bolivia
69.Prof. Mohammad Yousuf, JBR Infection, South Africa
70.Dr. Manon Cox, JBR Infection and Bacterial diseases, Canada
71.Prof. Kwang Choy, JBR Nanotechnology, Singapore
72.Prof. Denial Crawford, JBR Autism and children Diseases, Australia
73.Dr. Sergey Suchkov, JBR Regeneration Medicine, USA
74.Prof. L. Doerfler, JBR Infectious Diseases, Saudi Arabia
75.Dr. Junie Monica, JBR Virology, El Salvador
76.Dr. Amparo Gamero, JBR Mycology, UK
77.Dr. Alexander Vlcek, JBR Medical Nanotechnology, Portugal
78.Prof. Diana Anderson, JBR Forensic and Toxicology, UAE
79.Prof. Mark Matti, JBR ENT, USA
80.Prof. Kolin White, JBR Surgery, Germany
81.Prof. I. Nakamura, JBR Orthopedic, Japan
82.Prof. R. Stewart, JBR Gynecology, Australia
83.Prof. Sarah Nikjooy, JBR Medical and Dental Imaging, Dubai
84.Prof. Daniel Farkus, JBR Psychology and Psychotics, New Zealand
85.Prof. S.K. Dhatterwal, JBR Forensic Medicine and Science, India
86.Prof. K. Nath, JBR Anthropology, Sri lanka
87.Prof. Mark Bennett, JBR Legal and Ethical Affairs, USA
88.Prof. Stephen Porter, JBR Pediatricians, Germany
89.Prof. B. Rai , JBR Quantum Technology and Science, USA
90.Prof. Chong Xu, JBR Laser Technology, Japan
91.Prof. Smith Craig, JBR Physical Medicine, Canada
92.Prof. B. K. Behera, JBR Drug Design and Drug Formulation, USA
93.Dr. Joel Richard, JBR Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Technology, Israel
94.Prof. Mark Fibre, JBR Pharmacognosy, Germany
95.Prof. Charles Wubbolt, JBR Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs, Denmark
96.Dr. Lee Wu, JBR Oil Science, Iceland
97.Prof. Gwenyth Fischer, JBR Neurology, Greece
98.Dr. Nick Kostovic, JBR Personalized Medicine, Russia
99.Prof. Jason Cheng, JBR Breast Cancer, USA
100.Prof. Elizabeth Andersen, JBR Geriatric Medicine and Science, Muscat
101.Prof. K. Thomas, JBR Ophthalmology and Vision, Oman
102.Prof. Nicola Garbett, JBR Oncology and Radiation, Switzerland
103.Prof. John Lovecchio, JBR Biomarkers and Therapeutics, Germany
104.Prof. Homer Black, JBR Obesity, UK
105.Prof. May Psai, JBR Nutrition, Thailand
106.Prof. Bonnie Bowie, JBR Family Physician, Scotland
107.Prof. Julia Ajork, JBR Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders, Israel
108.Prof. Fadel Al Alawi, JBR Medical and Dental Science, Bahrain
109.Er. Sagar Mohite, JBR Digital Marketing and Business, UK and India
110 Er. T. Singh, JBR Cyber Security, India
112.Er. S. Kumar, JBR Data Mining, India
113.Prof. R.S. Anand, JBR Nutritional and Catering, India
114.Prof. G. Singh, JBR Dental Health, India

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We Are Always Providing Best Quality and Professional level in our Conferences & Expo.
JBR Conference Group

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Sponsors/ Exhibitor Benefits

  • One exhibit booth
  • One page publication of the exhibitor profile in conference proceeding or Journal
  • Logo identification in the scientific program, conference banner, poster and flyer
  • Opportunity to connect with top decision makers in industry
  • One flyer include in the conference kit.
  • An Incredible Branding prospect
  • A great platform to exchange business and collaboration opportunities

Young Scientist Award

It provides valuable incentives to researcher or young scientist who have shown great budding in their fields of interest.
Candidates should not be more than 35 years of age.
The candidate must have completed his/her Graduation or Master with at least one paper presentation in of the Conference or publication in Journals.
No consider will be given to gender, nationality, or religion.
The award is intended for a single winner
There will no shared prize and dual nominations are not accepted
The Organization Conference Committee is in charge of nominating a chairperson for the award. The chairperson and committee members assess presentations and choose on the recipient of the Young Scientist Award.

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