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Title of Conference:  12th  World Dental Science & Oral Health Conference & Expo Conference                                                                                                                       
Title: Saliva Diagnostic Technologies: The Next Frontier in Cancer Diagnostics?
Jacek Chmielewski, MS 
Researcher, Saliva Diagnosis, JBR Health Education and Research, USA

Email: jackchemj@jbrher.com
Early cancer  detection is not only critical to decrease cancer  brutality and 
prevent complications,but also significant to increase success rate of  treatment 
and management. Saliva provides a noninvasive,ease of use and cost effective as 
well as alternative to blood draws, serum and urine, with testing possibility done 
at the point of care and smart technologies. Different molecules have been  isolated 
in saliva known as cancer biomarkers for diagnosis, prognosis, drug monitoring and 
pharmacogenetic studies. In this keynote, I will  focus on the current status of the 
salivary diagnostic biomarkers based on JBR Studies for early detection and monitoring 
different cancers  as well as their potential use in the clinic and their applicability 
in personalizing cancer therapies. 

Jacek Chmielewski (Jack) is Student  president and Researcher of the Institute of 
Health Education Research and Technology. Jack has multiple published articles in
 international and national journals and has written books.