8th World Cancer & Tumor Conference & Expo, Copenhagen, Denmark

16 November-18 November 2018

MiniCruise ( Copenhagen to Oslo and Oslo to Copenhagen)

JBR conference group invites all the participants from around the world to attend 8th World Cancer & Tumor Conference & Expo, Copenhagen, Denmark which includes timely keynote presentations, Live demo, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions.

Anti-cancer Drug Delivery
Blood and Bone Cancer
Bone Cancers
Breast Oncology
Cancer Biomarker
Cancer Causing and Cancer fighting foods
Cancer Epidemiology
Cancer Pharmacology
Cancer Screening & Diagnosis
Cancer Therapies
Cancer Vaccines
Clinical Trials
Endocrine Malignancies
Gastrointestinal System Cancers
Gynecologic Oncology
Head and Neck cancer
Lung cancer
Neurological Cancer
Nursing Oncology
Pancreatic and Colorectal Cancer
Pathophysiology of Cancer
Pediatric Cancer Care
Pediatric Hematology Oncology
Pediatric Leukemia
Pediatric Medicine
Pediatric Neuro- Oncology
Pediatric Oncology Diagnosis
Pediatric Oncology Nursing
Pediatric Oncology Treatment
Pediatric Pharmacology
Pediatric Radiology
Radiation Oncology
Renal and Hepatocellular cancer
Reproductive Cancers
Skin Cancer
Surgical Oncology
Tumor Pathology
Types of Pediatric Oncology
Urinary System Cancers

Location: Minicruise 
DFDS Copenhagen Terminal  
Address: Dampfærgevej 30, 2100 København, Denmark

Registration fee:
Registration fee:  350 Euro. It covers the cost of attending and presenting in  the conference. 
 It is not covering accommodation. It means you can give your presentation and you are not 
 booked on cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo later. Accommodation and sailing: It costs 449 Euro. 
 You can get two nights stay on cruise  and you will sail from Copenhagen to Oslo on day 1 and 
Oslo to Copenhagen on day 2 . Cruise will reach  third day ( about 10 am). 
You can do tourism in Oslo and  Copenhagen. 
Option 1: If you would like to attend and present in  the conference only, the You just pay 350 Euro.
 In this case, you can only attend  
and present your work on  day 1 until 3PM. If you choose this option, 
we  can arrange your talk accordingly. 
If you will choose option 1, then you can book accommodation yourself in Copenhagen, Denmark
Option 2: If you would like to attend both days conference, then 
 we will book your two nights stay on cruise ( Normal cabin, 
if you would like us to  book special class cabin, it costs more ), 
which costs about 799 euro.
Accompanying person: It costs 400 Euro. 
E-poster: 200 Euro

Best Company
Best Formulation
Best Manufacturer
Best Paper
Best Poster
Best Product
Best System
Best Technology
Excellent Presentation
 Excellent Research
Novel Research
Young Scientist

Evaluation of the applications:
The Organization Conference Committee is incharge of nominating a chairperson for the award. 
The chairperson and committee members 
assess presentations and choose on the recipient of Award.